Woman sparks outrage after packing lunch for boyfriend ‘like he’s her child’

A woman who shared how she prepares lunch for her boyfriend has been slammed by people online who couldn’t understand why he didn’t make it himself.

The woman, Kiara Wood-Lowe, known as @kiaraelainexx on TikTok, posted a video showing off the elaborate lunches she makes for her boyfriend.

In a clip that has received more than 420,000 views on the social media platform, Kiara from Australia can be seen preparing a lunchbox for her partner before he heads off to work.

But what she wasn’t expecting, was to receive so much criticism from viewers who said she shouldn’t be making it for him “like he’s her child”.

One of the lunches she put together included two yoghurts, dried apricots, and banana chips, salami, grapes, cheese and crackers, popcorn, and a chocolate bar.

She simply captioned the video: “Making my boyfriend’s lunch for work.”

But the innocent video didn’t go down well with a few TikTok users, as one person commented: “It looks like an 8-year-old’s lunch.”

Another said: “Get him to pack it himself ffs.”

“Boyfriend or child?” asked a third.

But others couldn’t fault the healthy lunch and praised her for the sweet gesture, as one said: “I make my husband lunch every day for him to take to work, I don’t have to make it, but I do as I love making his lunch and making sure he’s eating OK.”

Another wrote: “Can you pack mine?”

While a third said: “Lucky man he is.”

“Real woman looking after their partner,” added a fourth.

“My wife does this for me and honestly, it’s the best thing and I appreciate it,” admitted someone else.

Following the harsh criticism she faced, Kiara uploaded a second video to “all the Karens and the negative Nancys,” where she admitted she’d forgotten to pack a wrap in the last lunch video she shared.

The second video sees Kiara prepare a lunchbox which consists of dried apricots and bananas, a ham, salami cheese and salad wrap, yoghurt, carrot sticks with dip, an oat slice bar, rice crackers and gherkins.

Defending herself, she said: “I make my partner’s lunch because I make my own at the same time so why not?

“At least then I know what he is eating and that he is eating quality food that is going to give him energy to last through the day because he works hard.

“He needs quality food not a chicken cheese sausage from the lunch bar. I mean they’re great but not practical.”