“Garish” nine-bed house that ‘looks like Donald Trump decorated it’ goes on sale

A property advert has raised eyebrows after people got to look inside the incredible mansion.

At first glance, there is nothing remarkable about the nine-bedroom house for sale in Alwoodley, Leeds.

But one step inside confirms that this is a house unlike no other.

In fact, the listing nails it – this is a house for a Mr Gatsby.

The house is on the market for a whopping £1,695,000, but estate agents Stoneacre Properties note that it could fit three families – so you could split the cost.

On social media, the house has become a huge topic of discussion, with people divided over the unusual interior.

One person tweeted a link to the property, adding: “I have SO MANY questions.”

Another asked: “WOW. Did Trump have an English bolt hole we never knew about?”

Lots of people were taken by the skeleton in a blonde wig, while others were surprised by the mannequin wearing a black dress and heels posing behind the home bar.

Every bathroom includes a jacuzzi, while there are four kitchens, ten chandeliers and three fountains.

Upon walking in the incredible property, it is clear that this house defies expectations.

There are two huge chandeliers and a number of statues, including a giant bird set to fly.

And it only gets jazzier – with a zebra print set of couches and glass tables with golden statues as legs.

If you’re working from home, the dining room has plenty of space with seven ornate chairs to choose from.

The statue of galloping horses almost reaches the ceiling – and would make a fab Zoom background.

In another reception room, the owners have kept up a Christmas tree – and it’s hard to tell if it doesn’t just stay up all year round.

Meanwhile, in one of the bathroom, there is a mirror positioned above the jacuzzi and two statues casting a watchful eye over.

There’s also a home spa – with what looks like a shower and a sauna.

On Rightmove, a spokesman wrote: “The décor is really unlike anything else we’ve seen before, so it scores highly in uniqueness.

“It’s packed with a vastly eclectic – some might say eccentric – collection of items.

“Statues, mannequins, wigs, and hundreds of other random pieces are strategically placed and end up producing this surreal atmosphere.

“Obviously no expense has been spared in creating this luxurious fantasy world; it’s got ten chandeliers throughout the property, several Jacuzzis, and four (yes, four) kitchens – because sometimes two or three just aren’t enough!”

But the incredible property has left people divided on Twitter.

One person tweeted: “Omg. Proves that money can’t buy taste.”

Another joked: “You know you’ve got it wrong when the Christmas tree is the least garish thing in the house.”

A third asked: “Has Donald Trump fled to North Leeds?”