Woman shares genius packaging hack to keep cheese fresh once you’ve opened it

A woman has shared a simple trick to ensure your cheese stays fresh once you’ve opened the packet.

Shannon, under the username @athomewithshannon on TikTok, explains what you should really be doing once you’ve opened a block of cheese – and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Instead of wrapping the cheese in cling film like many of us do, Shannon Doherty says that you should be reusing the packaging the cheese comes in to reseal it, but not how you think.

In a clip that has been viewed more than 222,000 times on the social media platform, Shannon can be seen cutting a block of cheese which still has the packaging on it.

She then, instead of discarding the excess plastic, uses it to cover the exposed part of the cheese.

The video caption reads: “Best LIFE HACK. This is so good it should be part of the directions.”

Shannon added: “This is one of those life hacks that blew my mind and changed my everyday life.

“You know when you cut a block of cheese? Save the top packaging – it fits back on to reseal.”

Since being posted, the video has amassed 28,000 likes and dozens of comments from impressed foodies who couldn’t believe they’d never thought of trying it.

While others were eager to test the hack out for themselves.

One said: “Why didn’t I think of that???!!!”

Another wrote: “The simplest things we don’t think about!”

“Wow that’s so smart especially for cheese lovers, ” commented a third person.

While another wrote: “Stop it this is awesome.”

“Wait that’s actually smart,” gushed one viewer.

Shannon regularly shares handy tips and hacks on her TikTok where she has over 530,000 followers.